Real Client Testimonials

Tina - I’m leaving this review for Dawn because I’m so incredibly grateful for her help in my grieving process. We started our EFT tapping and hypnotherapy sessions via zoom, three months after my daughter passed on. During our sessions I was able to verbalize how I was really feeling (guilt, anger, sadness ..etc) then we would tap on those feelings. Tapping through my tears has been a very healing process for me. The hypnotherapy part of the session is so relaxing and grounding, it’s my favorite part of the session.

Dawn is a very knowledgeable, helpful and compassionate person who I trust completely. I’m so blessed to have her on my healing journey. Highly recommend!

Westin - Words cannot express how grateful I am for Dawn who helped me work through the most challenging time in my life. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune condition as a young mom of two boys - the shock of the diagnosis and fear of the unknown weigh heavy on me. Thankfully my Rheumatologist believes in the mind-body connection and recommended that I try EFT with Dawn. I immediately felt at ease with Dawn - her calm demeanor, ability to listen and genuine care for my well being allow me to uncover areas where I am stuck and past traumas that need to be addressed. After about six months of EFT and guided visualizations/hypnosis, I feel so much lighter and can show up for myself and family, friends for the first time since the diagnosis. I continue to listen to her guided visualization recordings almost daily. She goes above and beyond for her clients, offering information on other healing modalities, workshops, etc. I always look forward to my time with Dawn - she’s an incredible person and I feel so thankful to have found her on my healing journey.

Amy - I sought Dawn's help for a traumatic event in my life. I knew she had studied in depth about Tapping and I needed relief!I was already in lots of healing therapy but something was still keeping me stuck.I called Dawn and booked a session to ease my pain. And found her to be an empathetic listener, joyful energy and able to hold space for the situation to shift. After experiencing a session with Dawn I knew I had released so much stuck energy. She really took Tapping to a different pathway. More authentic and grounded in seeing both sides of the pain. I felt better afterwards and continue to heal. I love how Dawn also checked back on me several times to see how things were progressing. Healing on our own is hard and not always the best. One needs to get tapped into truth. Dawn has that. Thank you. I'll look forward to visiting again because we all know ..... life is always changing.

Trish - I had heard of tapping before but never really experienced it to the level that I did with Dawn. Her easy to understand process for a beginners level like me. New modalities of healing can be scary and she made the process easy. Dawn’s intuitiveness guided me on this beautiful journey of healing. We did this cutting of the cords meditation and it brought me so much healing. I felt like 1000 pounds have been lifted. I highly recommend Dawn for her expertise, for her knowledge, her caring and her depth of compassion. I look forward to working with Dawn in the future.

Cristina - I am sensitive to stress because of an autoimmune condition. I have flare ups of inflammation in my body, migraines and poor sleep quality. This affects my productivity in living my day to day life. Last year especially, I needed help to cope with stress and all the things that 2020 brought to our world, especially dealing with loss and grief. Thankfully, we could have sessions via telehealth because of the pandemic and social distancing. Sessions with Dawn have been such a help! She is so warm and intuitive. She knows how to help you feel comfortable and builds confidence with you. She gives you hope that things can get better and helps you feel capable of helping yourself in the process. Her EFT techniques are delivered in a professional manner, I feel like I am in good hands under her care. While tapping, she talks with you and guides you through the process and it feels like a lot of weight is lifted off my shoulders every time I work with her. Highly recommend!

H.S. - I’m very glad I got to participate in this online workshop. I had attended two other EFT workshops previously, but this one really made a difference for me. I am more focused on what I want out of my life vs. feeling weighed down and limited by the obvious limitations that my autoimmunity has brought into my life. Dawn addressed every question with competence and kindness and we covered a lot more than I thought possible during the four weeks.

Tanya - I am so happy that I was part of Dawn’s tapping group. I learned how to set up the tapping sequence, statement and how to check in with myself. Tapping is such a powerful tool and I highly recommend working with Dawn.

Krystal - Dawn is amazing! I had the privilege to participate in an online EFT tapping group hosted by Dawn that blew me away! I'd never tried tapping before, and ended up having a very loving, and beautiful experience. I was in search of relieving myself from recurring negative thoughts. With Dawn's guidance, attention, soft and healing nature, I found myself connecting and relaxing immediately. I had just a positive experience, including a clear state of mind, and instant impact. I look forward to my next session! EFT tapping is such an intimate experience and Dawn is the perfect facilitator, you are in good hands with her! Thank you Dawn for your devotion to helping others and all of the loving-kindness you bear.

Edith - My doctor recommended that I see Dawn for stress, weight management and pain management. I had attended a UCLA Seminar where Dawn was one of the participants. I was really impressed with her as she helped me with a food issue right away.  I decided to see her privately and I am so glad I did. She gave me the tools that I use everyday particularly for stress. My UCLA acupuncturist also said I seemed more relaxed since I started seeing Dawn. She has helped me  to make better choices on some food issues that I've always had. In addition to the hypnotherapy, Dawn also showed me how to do EFT (tapping) which is another tool that has been so helpful. I highly recommend Dawn. She is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable.

Diana - Hypnotherapy is a relationship between the therapist and the client. Dawn creates a wonderful working relationship and makes you feel relaxed immediately.  She is able to understand your problem with clarity and insight thus giving you a wonderful sense of security knowing you are both working toward the same goal. Dawn incorporates many styles (methods) and lets you choose what is the best for you! My favorite is being able to have a copy of each session on my phone for home use.

Cheryl - I'm so thankful that I met Dawn and she truly has a gift! I've never done hypnotherapy before and I was desperate for help with my insomnia.  Doctors only wanted to give me drugs and I knew that was not for me. Dawn is professional and very easy to talk to. She gave me lots of practical advice to help with my issues and I couldn't believe how much better I felt after the very first session. I was skeptical I would be able to recreate that same experience at home but it worked. Dawn gave me a recording of our session so I could replay it at home to help me sleep. I did what Dawn taught me, listened to our session, and I fell asleep so easily for the first time in months. I still follow the same routine after many months with the same wonderful results. I am so grateful for Dawn's help. She is really amazing!

L.R. - I now have a way to deal with irrational anxiety that builds up to a point where in the past it would inhibit my actions. I now can deal with everyday tasks or take steps where in the past I would feel frozen in action.

Karin - As I'd never worked with a Hypnotherapist before, I was a bit skeptical at first. However, Dawn's calm and reassuring manner made me feel safe from the start. The session was done via Skype, which I loved. I didn't have to sit in traffic and could attend from the comfort of my own couch :) The session itself was a great experience. I felt instant relief from pressures that had been bothering me for weeks. I highly recommend Dawn and her services.

Rick - I am taking a moment to tell you about the wonderful session I had with Dawn the other day. I was curious to know about EFT (Tapping) and was referred to Dawn as it is one of her specialties. She was very informative and patient as I was full of questions. I came away feeling very comfortable and confident that this was a modality I would continue to benefit from going forward. Dawn is a more than competent instructor and practitioner. Her manner was warm and nurturing. I highly recommend Dawn for both EFT and Hypnotherapy.

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