If nothing you've tried is making you feel better, learn the basics of this scientifically studied technique to have a powerful and empowering tool you can use to manage any stressors in life!


Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT Tapping) is a self-help technique, brought to the forefront by Gary Craig, who successfully used it with war veterans & PTSD. I like to describe it as acupressure for the emotions...but without the needles. You are self-tapping with the end of your fingertips on end Chinese meridian points on your face & upper body as you are talking about a negative emotion, belief, thought pattern or physical discomfort. Tapping restores balance to disrupted energy.


In this workshop, you will learn how to use EFT Tapping to release negative charged emotions around the autoimmune or health condition. You will evolve from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and out of control to feeling more calm, at ease, and empowered. From this empowered mindset, you create space to allow more positive, healing emotions to emerge. With the knowledge of EFT Tapping, you will now have a tool you can use anytime to manage stress and have the emotional strength and courage to move forward.


This class is for YOU if you are feeling:

  • Lost in the FEAR of the world & the health diagnosis
  • In need of a tool to CALM your nervous system
  • You've heard of EFT...been curious...and NOW is the time to do something about it!

What You Will Learn:

  • Gary Craig's EFT Basic Recipe 10 Points
  • How & Why EFT Tapping Works
  • 10 Tips for more effective Tapping handout
  • What do I say/tap on?
  • "Love seat" opportunities
  • Lots of practice & guidance
  • Q&A time
  • We will end with a guided meditation journey
  • Access to EFT Facebook group to connect & interact with your Tribe
  • "Borrowed benefits” by Tapping in a group
  • 20% discount for private one-on-one sessions with me up to 30 days



Basic EFT Tapping Points

What Will I Need to Participate?

You will need access to Zoom (free to download) on one of your electronic devices.  Replay will be available if you are not able to attend live. No previous tapping experience needed.

About Dawn - your Workshop Facilitator:

Watch the video below!

About Dawn and why I created this online Workshop

I’m one of YOU! I was diagnosed with my 1st health issue at 3 years old. In my early 30’s I began to have strange symptoms. Years later, one week before I took my niece to Paris, I suddenly couldn’t walk, go up & down stairs without severe knee pain. I made it through my trip and when I returned home, met with an orthopedic doctor who noticed my face rash, sent me for ANA testing, was referred to a Rheumatologist & the rest is history.

After going through the gamut of doctors, tests & trying out different medications, I felt like there HAD to be something more I could do. So I became a Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, while attending the prestigious HMI College in California. After applying what I was learning to myself, I experienced less stress & my symptoms improved. People said I looked different - more calm & my doctors commented whatever I'm doing, keep doing it!


Previous EFT Workshop Testimonials:

HS - I’m very glad I got to participate in this online workshop. I had attended two other EFT workshops previously, but this one really made a difference for me. I am more focused on what I want out of my life vs. feeling weighed down and limited by the obvious limitations that my autoimmunity has brought into my life. Dawn addressed every question with competence and kindness and we covered a lot more than I thought possible during the four weeks.

Krystal - Dawn is amazing! I had the privilege to participate in an online EFT tapping group hosted by Dawn that blew me away! I'd never tried tapping before, and ended up having a very loving, and beautiful experience. I was in search of relieving myself from reoccurring negative thoughts. With Dawn's guidance, attention, soft and healing nature, I found myself connecting and relaxing immediately. I had just a positive experience, including a clear state of mind, and instant impact. I look forward to my next session! EFT tapping is such an intimate experience and Dawn is the perfect facilitator, you are in good hands with her! Thank you Dawn for your devotion to helping others and all of the loving-kindness you bear.

Please note: I am not a doctor or psychologist - I advise you to check with your appropriate licensed health professional before starting this or any other program. As everyone is individual & unique, actual results may vary. By signing up, you agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being.

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